Vivint Indoor Camera Review

We compare Vivint Indoor Camera with the competition to see if it's worth adding to your Vivint system.
Vivint Indoor Camera
Vivint Indoor Camera
3.6 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    One-touch calling
  • pro
    Personalized alerts
  • pro
    155º field of view
  • con
    Requires Vivint system
John Carlsen
Nov 01, 2022
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Vivint is our top home security system pick, so we have everything you need to know about Vivint cameras. The Vivint Indoor Camera is a reliable camera with great features like one-touch calling and privacy mode.

But it's also pricey and requires a Vivint security system to work. We think it's a good camera, but only if you're committed to using it as part of a complete the Vivint home security system. Read our full review to see how Vivint Indoor Camera stands up to the competition.

pro One-touch calling
pro Privacy mode
pro Personalized alerts
pro 155º field of view
pro Quality daytime and night vision
con $200 price tag
con Requires Vivint subscription

Compare Vivint's camera plan with the competition

Monitoring plan price
Number of cameras supported
Indoor camera price
Field of view
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Read review
Up to 10$99.00120º

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What's in the box

  • Vivint Indoor Camera
  • Mounting plate
  • Mounting screws
  • Power adapter

All Vivint equipment requires professional installation, so the materials in the box aren't as important in the grand scheme of things. Your Vivint technician likely has plenty of spare parts if something's missing.

One-touch calling

Two-way audio is one of the hallmarks of a great security camera because it turns your camera into an intercom for talking to people. The Vivint Indoor Camera builds on this feature by giving your kids a button to call you in the Vivint app.

Short of using a video doorbell indoors—awkward—this isn't a feature you'll find on other indoor cameras. Instead, most indoor cameras make you wait for a motion detection notification and activate two-way audio from the mobile app, which isn't nearly as easy as pushing a button to start a call.

Privacy mode

Living under the gaze of a security camera isn't a perfect privacy paradise. To give you some space when you want it, many cameras—like the Vivint Indoor Camera and Arlo Essential Indoor—come with privacy modes or physical privacy shutters. There's no need to unplug a camera; you might forget to plug it in later.

The Vivint Indoor Camera's privacy mode is easy to activate from your Vivint Smart Hub control panel by selecting your camera and entering your PIN code to access its settings. When active, the camera shows a blue screen for anyone trying to view a live video remotely. We like that you need a code to toggle this feature on and off so only authorized users can change it.

Video quality

Daytime and night vision video quality look great on the Vivint Indoor Camera. We found the video crisp enough to identify people and objects in a room in both situations.

While the video quality is good, there wasn't anything to help Vivint rise above rivals like Frontpoint and SimpliSafe. Like other Vivint cameras, you can watch recorded clips and live videos on your Vivint app or control panel.

Field of view

The field of view on the Vivint Indoor Camera clocks in at 155º. This offers much more video coverage than the competition from Cove, SimpliSafe, and Frontpoint.

We usually recommend a field of view of at least 100º for indoor security cameras, so it's great that Vivint offers such an expansive view on its indoor camera. A wide field of view is helpful in large rooms because it expands your placement options. No need to relegate the camera to a corner.

Video storage

You can store up to 14 days of Vivint smart clips in the cloud as part of your Vivint monitoring plan. Your Vivint camera records a short video clip when detecting motion, which works for most folks.

If you want up to 30 days of storage, you can purchase the Vivint Smart Drive to keep your videos on a local hard drive. The Smart Drive costs around $250, so it's not a cheap accessory, but it also unlocks continuous video recording if you want 24/7 recording options.

Monitoring contract

You can't buy the Vivint Indoor Camera without a Vivint security system, so be prepared to pay a hefty sum for equipment and monitoring on Vivint's most expensive plan. You can pay for Vivint equipment upfront or spread the costs throughout a lengthy contract.


Vivint handles the initial installation of your indoor security camera, so it's an easy process on your end. Still, you'll need to clear your schedule for the home security system installation since you won't be using the camera without a Vivint system.

We love that Vivint makes it easy to move your camera after installation without paying for a service call. This is especially helpful if you decide to rearrange the furniture or think the camera would work better in a different spot.

Indoor only

This camera doesn't come with any weatherproofing, and installing it outdoors is a good way to void your warranty. We suggest getting the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro or Vivint Video Doorbell Pro for your outdoor security camera needs.

Final word

The Vivint Indoor Camera is one of the better options among security system cameras. It comes with good video performance, and the one-touch calling makes it easy for your family to stay in touch using the Vivint Smart Home app. In typical Vivint fashion, the costs are high. At $200, it's twice as expensive as the competition, and Vivint's professional monitoring is one of the most costly ways to add a security camera to your home.

We recommend the camera for Vivint users, but you might consider a standalone wireless security camera, like Wyze Cam or Google Nest Cam, if you want something more affordable that doesn't require a security system.


The Vivint Ping Camera and Vivint Indoor Camera are the same device—Vivint renamed the Ping a few years back. While Vivint Ping Camera's fun name highlights the one-touch calling, it's not as descriptive and easy to understand as "Vivint Indoor Camera."

You can use up to six cameras with a Vivint security system.

Vivint doesn't permit employees to access the video feeds of customers. This means that you're in charge of checking videos when your alarm goes off. 

If you do want professional video alarm verification, look into SimpliSafe or ADT—the only security companies currently offering this service. Learn more about Vivint vs. SimpliSafe and Vivint vs. ADT

No. You'll lose app access once you cancel Vivint, making the Indoor Camera nothing more than a paperweight.

Read answers to more Vivint FAQs.

How we reviewed the Vivint Indoor Camera

Vivint Ping Camera

Image: SafeWise. 

We have experience using Vivint security cameras, and some of our coworkers use Vivint systems. This foundation means that we can dig into features even if there's not enough information on Vivint's product pages and customer support articles.

We used the same scoring rubric on the Vivint Indoor Camera as we do on every security camera. We examine five factors when creating a camera's star rating: price, video performance, storage, user experience, and customer support resources. Learn more about how we rank and review brands and products in our methodology.

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