10 Smart Home Gifts for Dad

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Let's face it. Dads, grandfathers, uncles, and brothers can all be hard to buy for. So if you need a little inspiration, check out these smart home gift that can help him chase his interests whether he's a car lover, home cook, or master gardener. 

From the protective to the bookish, check out our cool gadget picks that Dad will love this year. 

1. Cove Home Security: For protective dads

Best for protective dads
Cove Equipment
Cove Home Security
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Cove is the perfect gift for the dad who loves projects and protection. This DIY home security system is super customizable, allowing him to add the sensors, cameras, and smart home devices he wants to watch over his home. Cove touchscreen panel guides setup every step of the way, making it nearly foolproof to install. Along with professional monitoring, Cove uses RapidSOS to cut red tape in an emergency and get first responders to his home faster when he needs them. 

Cove also works with one of our favorite brands of security cameras, Eufy. And if he doesn't need a whole security system guarding his home, the Eufy 2C Camera System is a great alternative. With its HomeBase and local storage, he can skip the monthly cloud storage fees with enough room to save all his security footage. 

Light Bulb
Smart Home Security Pick: Vivint

For the dad who's into security and smart home tech, check out Vivint Home Security. Like Cove, these systems are customizable but come with a ton of smart home automation options and devices for inside and outside the home.

2. Bay Alarm Medical: For aging dads

Best for aging dads

A medical alert system may not be on his wishlist, but if you live far from your dad or he lives alone, it could be a lifeline in an emergency. As we age, fall risks increase and can be seriously dangerous for seniors. 

Thankfully, medical alert systems like Bay Alarm have come a long way with technology. Today, there are several wearable options that don't feel so, well, medical. Bay Alarm has a smartwatch, GPS button, pendant and wristbands available for easy wearing. Depending on his lifestyle, Dad can use his Bay Alarm system inside and outside the home. All of Bay Alarm's wearable devices come with fall detection too, allowing Dad to get help if he falls unconscious or is unable to call for help on his own. 

And with a 30-day free trial, it's a risk-free way to try something new for him! Learn more in our full review of Bay Alarm Medical

For more active lifestyles: Apple Watch SE

If Dad's still resistant to the idea of a full medical alert system, consider getting him a watch upgrade. The Apple Watch SE has health monitoring features and fall detection. If Dad is an iOS user, he can use his watch to answer texts, use apps, and even make calls directly from his wrist. 

The Apple Watch SE also comes with a wide selection of watchbands to match his style.

3. Chef IQ Smart Meat Thermometers: For grill masters

Best for grill masters
Chef IQ smart meat thermometers product image

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For the dads who love hosting backyard BBQs but hate being tethered to the grill, there's the Chef IQ Smart Meat Thermometer. With three waterproof probes included in one kit, he can monitor three items at once, customizing each. So he won't have to hover over the grill while working on steaks, hamburgers, or hot dogs at the same time. 

The Chef IQ app prompts him to start, allowing Dad to select the cooking levels for items like steak. With the built-in long-range Bluetooth, he won't be stuck in one place. The app also has dozens of video demos featuring different recipes he can try out during grilling season. 

Smart grilling without an app

Check out the ThermoPro TP20 (about $70) for a wireless grill thermometer that tracks food temperatures on Dad's existing grill (or even the oven in the kitchen). This cool gift doesn't have a smartphone app, but the wireless monitor works just as well to achieve the perfect level of doneness.

4. Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

Best for climate controllers
ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

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For the dad who always has something to say about the temperature, there's the Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium. Not only will he be able to control the temperature in the house, but the kit's extra sensor can tip him off to issues like frozen pipes in the basement. 

The newest smart thermostat from Ecobee sports a ton of smart features too like Alexa and Spotify built-in and HomeKit compatibility. With all the money he'll save on his energy costs he may even buy one for downstairs.  

Thumbs Up
Watch your doorstep from your thermostat

You heard us correctly!

The newest Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium is compatible with Ecobee's wired doorbell camera. You can use the touchscreen on the thermostat to check in and speak through your wired doorbell right on your front porch. Dad's going to love that! 

5. Rachio 3: Best for gardeners

Best for gardeners
Rachio 3
Rachio 3

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Whether Dad wants a lush green lawn, a productive vegetable garden, or both, the Rachio 3 smart sprinkler controller can help him cultivate his hot peppers while saving water. It connects an existing sprinkler system to the internet to promote smart water usage.

Your dad can customize schedules, track weather, and control the sprinklers using the Rachio mobile app. If it rains, Dad can delay or skip a watering cycle to save on his water bill. The Rachio 3 also helps prevent frozen pipes and situations where the sprinklers water the driveway more than the lawn by tracking other weather conditions like snow and wind.

No sprinkler system, no problem

Dad doesn't need a sprinkler system to use a smart sprinkler controller like the B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer (around $128). This small gadget hooks directly to an ordinary faucet and garden hose for easy app control of less sophisticated sprinklers.

6. Ambient Weather Station: For storm chasers

For storm chasers
Ambient Weather Station product image

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Does your dad have multiple weather apps on his phone? Is he able to correctly identify wind speed and direction? Can he name types of clouds you've never heard of? Then he might be a weather nerd. 

For the guys in our life with their heads in the clouds, there's the Ambient Weather Station. This pole-mounted kit comes with everything he needs to watch hyper-local weather patterns in his own yard. Equipped with instruments to measure rain, wind, sun, and humidity, he'll have everything he needs to make an accurate forecast. 

Plus, the Ambient Weather Station works with IFTTT, Google, and Alexa, so he can program his smart home devices like thermostats, lights, and flood sensors to work with weather alerts.  

7. Amazon eero: For always-online dads

For always-online dads

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Whether he works from home, plays online games, or tinkers with tech, reliable Wi-Fi can be a challenge for the chronically connected. Amazon's eero 6+ Mesh Wi-Fi Router is a hockey puck-sized device that extends Wi-Fi network reach to over 1,500 square feet and supports up to 75 devices. 

The eero 6+ is extendable, and he can add more around his home to ensure reliable speeds up to 1Gb (gigabit). So even if he has dozens of connected devices like locks, lights, security systems, cameras, and tablets, he can say goodbye to frozen Zoom calls and laggy downloads.

Safe surfing: NordVPN

If Dad's already ahead of the curve on Wi-Fi speeds, consider getting him a subscription to NordVPN. It's our top pick for the Best VPNs of 2024 and offers quality online protection and privacy.

8. Tile Pro: For travelers

Best for travelers
Tile Pro (2022)
Tile Pro

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For dads always en route to the airport, business trips, or errands, grab a tracker for his keys or luggage like Tile Pro

This small smart device attaches to a keychain and makes a loud noise when he pushes a button in the Tile app. Now he won't have to check the couch cushions unless there's a chime coming from within.

Tile makes a variety of versions like the Tile Sticker (about $53 for two-pack) that's great for tracking remotes and the Tile Slim (about $35), which slips inside a wallet. Best of all, each Tile device has a button that can help Dad find his phone.

While Tile works for both Android and iOS smartphones, iPhone dads will probably love the Apple AirTag (about $29) a teensy bit more. To learn more about AirTags read our Apple AirTag FAQ.

9. Bouncie: Best for car enthusiasts

Best for car enthusiasts
Bouncie GPS tracker

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Some dads are road warriors that love to take road trips or just make their commutes a little easier. For these dads, we suggest something like Bouncie. This vehicle tracker allows Dad to track mileage, fuel efficiency, maintenance needs, and GPS location. It works with most cars made since 1996 by plugging into a standard diagnostic port.

We think Dad will appreciate getting so much information about his ride, especially when he lends it to his teen driver with the expectation of smart driving habits. Bouncie uses a mobile data connection ($8 a month) to send updates to the mobile app every 15 seconds so your dad always has the latest info.

Read our Bouncie review to learn more.

For roadside emergencies

Even the most diligent car lover needs a jump sometimes. For those hard-to-buy dads, consider getting him a portable battery charger for his ride. This small device holds enough power to revitalize a dead battery without big bulky jumper cables to worry about.

10. Amazon Kindle: For bookworms

Best for bookworms
Amazon Kindle product image

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Some dads love histories, some dads love mysteries, but all dads love saving space on their bookshelves. The slim Amazon Kindle e-reader is a great gift for the avid reader who enjoys novels, magazines, newspapers, and more. Its paperwhite screen is easy on the eyes while its compact design makes it easy to bring anywhere. 

The most recent version of the Kindle can store up to 16GB and holds a charge for up to 6 weeks!

Honorable mentions: Hard-to-buy-for dads

For the recovering athlete

This cordless knee massager to soothe his achey joints. 

For the dad "who doesn't want anything"

This cool 3D pop up card that's sure to make to his fridge art collection.

For music and podcast junkies

These cool wireless headphones to step up his music and podcast listening game. 

For the carpool kings

This wireless car adapter for those long road trips, carpool drives, and morning commutes. 

For lazy summer days

All the perks of having a pool with none of the work. 

For rare moments of relaxation

This sandalwood scented candle will help center him when he's stressed. 

It's not easy to buy tech gifts for Dad since each father is so different. That's why we packed our gift guide with gadgets he'll have a lot of fun with. While the holidays are a prime time to give gifts, don't hold back if you want to celebrate your tech-savvy dad any other time of year.

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