Frontpoint Cameras 2024 Guide

Indoor camera
Premium indoor camera
Frontpoint premium indoor security camera
Frontpoint Premium Indoor Camera
3.9 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Wide field of view
  • pro
    Great audio quality
Outdoor camera
Frontpoint Outdoor Security Camera
Frontpoint Outdoor Camera
3.7 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Night vision up to 40 feet
  • pro
    Weather resistant
Doorbell camera
Frontpoint doorbell camera
Frontpoint Wired Doorbell Camera
3.8 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Wide field of view
  • pro
    Two-way audio

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Frontpoint sells some of the most popular wireless security system cameras available today. These cameras are relatively affordable and easy to install, making them perfect in a DIY security system like Frontpoint. These cameras have several benefits, from helping deter would-be intruders to finding out when the kids come home from school.

The perks of Frontpoint security cameras are relatively average compared to other security cameras from security providers and tech companies alike. But they're not too expensive for the video quality you get. Still, Frontpoint requires a monitoring plan (starting at $24.99 a month) for these cameras to work, diminishing the benefits of lower equipment costs.

Keep reading our Frontpoint cameras review see's each model's strengths and how it compares to the competition. To learn more about the security system, check out our Frontpoint security review.

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Frontpoint announcement

Frontpoint just let us know that, starting immediately, it's including one of its security cameras in every security package. Learn more in our report.

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pro Month-to-month contracts
pro Bluetooth speaker on Premium Indoor Camera
pro Two-way audio
con Expensive monitoring plan
con Weak smart home integration

Compare Frontpoint cameras

List price
Video resolution
Field of view
Night vision
Weather resistant
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Read review
1080p 113º Up to 20 feet
Icon No  LightNo



Up to 15 feet

Icon No  LightNo



Up to 40 feet

Icon Yes  LightYes



Up to 8 feet

Icon Yes  LightYes
1080p175º Up to 15 feet
Icon Yes  LightYes

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Frontpoint Wireless Doorbell Camera

The new Frontpoint Wireless Doorbell Camera finally brings full 1080p support to your front steps. It draws heavy inspiration from the battery-powered Ring Video Doorbell and exceeds the wired model in almost every way. We're lining up a full review of this new camera and will update this article with more info soon.

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Aside from differences in design, Frontpoint cameras share most of their features. Each Frontpoint camera works in conjunction with the company’s mobile app. Using the app, you can access video footage from anywhere via your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Video storage

The moment a Frontpoint camera detects motion, it starts recording video and sends an alert either by text or email. Whether you’re in a business meeting or on vacation, you can see if a package arrived at the door or monitor the comings and goings of household workers. You can watch the video on your mobile device or computer, then delete, share, or save the video.

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Video storage capacity

Frontpoint uses cloud storage to save up to 1,000 video clips from your security cameras (5,000 for five or more cameras). It won't upload more than that each month unless something triggers your alarm system, in which case it would upload a clip even after you hit the monthly limit. You can expect to average about two dozen clips a day without running out of space.

Two-way audio

Each Frontpoint camera has a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can use it like a speakerphone to talk with people nearby. This feature is great for checking in with the kids or discouraging would-be intruders.

DIY installation

Frontpoint cameras don’t require professional installation. This is a big win for you, as it not only saves you money on initial installation, but it also allows you to move the cameras anytime without racking up more expenses.

Here's a quick rundown of the installation process:

  • Use the Frontpoint app to sync the home security camera with your wireless router.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.
  • Choose where you want to mount the camera, like near the front or back door.

The cameras come with mounting accessories, so you only need a screwdriver (possibly a power drill) to attach the camera to a surface using the included screws.

Check out our Frontpoint installation guide to learn more.

Required monitoring

To use security cameras in a Frontpoint home security system, you need to pay for the company's professional monitoring.

Frontpoint's pro monitoring costs between $24.99 and $34.99 a month, depending on how much you choose to pay out-of-pocket for equipment. Unlike Vivint, Frontpoint's professional monitoring fees don't increase as you add more cameras, making it the more affordable option for multiple cameras.

Frontpoint's security camera plan is also much more affordable than ADT's camera plan, which starts at $58.99 per month.

Although Frontpoint competes well against professionally-installed systems like Vivint and ADT, it's monitoring used to be twice as expensive as SimpliSafe and five times as expensive as Ring Alarm—its biggest DIY competitors. We're glad to see Frontpoint finding ways to make pro monitoring more affordable for customers.

Dig into the pros and cons of Frontpoint compared to other brands:

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No-contract monitoring

Frontpoint no longer requires a monitoring contract. So you can cancel without paying a fee. Though if you opt for a financing plan to pay for Frontpoint equipment, you need to pay that off before you can cancel. And be sure to call and talk to a Frontpoint representative to get the no-contract plan—it's not available in the online cart.

Smart home integration

Frontpoint created an Amazon Alexa skill that allows you to control your security system with Alexa voice commands. Unfortunately, this doesn't offer much functionality for security cameras.

You can ask Alexa to record a clip or adjust the pan and tilt of a camera, but don't expect to view a video stream on a smart display like the Echo Show 5.

As far as we can tell, Frontpoint's compatibility with Google Assistant* (via the action) doesn't extend to security cameras. This means that you shouldn't plan on using your Frontpoint cameras with Google Home.

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Keep your identity safe

Allstate teamed up with Frontpoint to create Frontpoint ID Protect. This service protects your identity from theft and it's free when you sign up for Frontpoint.

Frontpoint App on Phone


Frontpoint sells multiple versions of its security cameras for different purposes, resulting in minor changes between the products.

Video resolution

While most Frontpoint cameras record video in 1080p quality, the Frontpoint Video Doorbell has a maximum resolution of 720p. This means the Frontpoint doorbell has lower quality than the majority of video doorbell cameras, which almost universally record video at 1080p or higher.

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Night vision

All of Frontpoint's security cameras have night vision for recording video in dark places. But the maximum range varies from camera to camera. The Outdoor Camera has the longest night vision range at 40 feet—while the Doorbell Camera has the shortest at only 8 feet.

Video analytics

Frontpoint includes an advanced Video Analytics feature on the Indoor Camera, Premium Indoor Camera, and Outdoor Camera. This allows the cameras to perform additional tasks:

  • Differentiate between people, vehicles, and animals in videos
  • Customizable smart motion detection alerts

Unfortunately, this feature isn't available on the Doorbell Camera.

Who makes Frontpoint's security cameras?, a home security equipment company, makes the cameras used in the Frontpoint alarm system.

Bluetooth speaker and callout options on Premium Indoor Camera

The Frontpoint Premium Indoor Camera has a better speaker than you typically find on a security camera, so it's nice to play music on it using a Bluetooth connection.

The camera also has a nifty callout button that allows anyone to start a two-way conversation with the Frontpoint app. This feature helps young family members get in touch with you without needing their own cell phones.

Other than the Vivint Indoor Camera, which has a similar function, you won't find callout buttons on most security cameras.

Doorbell camera installation

Like most wired video doorbells, the Frontpoint Doorbell Camera requires a hardwired connection to existing doorbell wiring. You can't plug it into a standard power outlet like other Frontpoint cameras.

The installation is a little more complicated because of the wiring requirements, but is still a fairly easy DIY project for most folks, taking around 15–20 minutes to complete.

Frontpoint camera reviews

Frontpoint Indoor Camera

The Frontpoint Indoor Camera is the company's most affordable home security camera, costing around $120—cameras from SimpliSafe and Scout Alarm cost about the same.

Considering most competitors' cameras start at $150 or more, this price is generally a good value, but not as low as the ultra-affordable Wyze cameras or the Abode Cam 2.

As for the rest of the Indoor Camera's features, there's nothing particularly noteworthy beyond Frontpoint's Video Analytics, which detect people, animals, and cars. But most other brands have similar software in their cameras now.

Thanks to its 113º field of view, 20-foot night vision range, and 1080p video quality, we think this camera is a good way to add extra cameras beyond the largest rooms in your home (which the Premium Indoor Camera works best for).

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Free indoor camera

Frontpoint currently offers a free indoor camera with its starter packages. This makes it easier to ignore the camera's faults, since free is always a better value than about $120.

Frontpoint Premium Indoor Camera

The Frontpoint Premium Indoor Camera is a surprisingly attractive product that looks a lot like an Amazon Echo. While it costs twice as much as Frontpoint's other indoor security camera, it has a wider field of view that allows it to record more action in larger rooms.

We also like the push-to-talk button on the camera, which your kids can use to call you through the Frontpoint app. The sound quality is easily the best among Frontpoint's cameras thanks to a large speaker that connects via Bluetooth to play your favorite music.

The 15-foot night vision range is a bit shorter than that of the Indoor Camera. But it's not a big enough difference to pass on this home camera. We think this camera is perfect for large, high-traffic rooms, especially family rooms and kitchens.

Frontpoint Outdoor Camera

From its $229.99 price tag to its 117º field of view, the Frontpoint Outdoor Camera is average among security cameras. Average isn't bad, but it isn't likely to catch the attention of folks wanting the latest security camera tech.

Plus, the Frontpoint Outdoor Camera is more affordable than the same model from Brinks.

We like its impressive 40-foot night vision range, which helps produce bright, clear videos in total darkness. The camera also works well in below-freezing temperatures as well as temperatures up to 113°.

Still, for people wanting an outdoor camera as part of a great security system, the Frontpoint Outdoor Camera hits enough right notes to be worth it.

Frontpoint Wired Doorbell Camera

The Frontpoint Wired Doorbell Camera—also known as the SkyBell video doorbell—is the weakest of Frontpoint's security cameras because it's not a typical security camera. Because this camera watches over your stoop, it doesn't need more than basic night vision and two-way audio to talk to visitors.

Unfortunately, the 720p video doesn't provide as much detail as the 1080p Ring Video Doorbell and Vivint's Doorbell Camera Pro. Detail matters when you want to identify the facial features and vehicles of porch pirates who dare to swipe your $15 order of hand sanitizer and permanent markers.

The Wired Doorbell Camera is also a little harder to install, making it one of the trickier DIY products in a Frontpoint security system.

If you want a dedicated doorbell you can use in the Frontpoint app, there aren't other options. But even if the Frontpoint Wired Doorbell Camera doesn't compare well to other video doorbells, it's still good enough for most folks.

Final word

Among security systems, Frontpoint doesn't have the best cameras of the bunch, but its cameras are good enough for anyone that wants a Frontpoint security system.

The odds are that you'll find value in Frontpoint's cameras if you want the rest of the system badly enough to pay for professional monitoring.

But you shouldn't buy the system just for the cameras—there are more affordable stand-alone security camera options out there. Check out our review of the best home security systems to see where Frontpoint ranks.

Frontpoint camera FAQ

Aside from the cameras listed above, Frontpoint doesn’t support other security cameras.

No. To ensure confidentiality, you control access to the video feed, and it does not transmit to the Frontpoint monitoring center.

No. Frontpoint requires an active monitoring plan subscription to use security cameras.

No, Frontpoint doesn't have a camera limit. Other factors, like your Wi-Fi bandwidth, might limit the amount of cameras you can use.

Learn more in our guide: How Many Security Cameras Do I Need?

Read answers to more Frontpoint FAQs.

How we reviewed Frontpoint cameras

We examined the tech specs of each Frontpoint camera to find out how they compare to each other. We also looked at online reviews and Frontpoint's customer service resources to learn about how these cameras work in their natural environment—real homes.

After gathering the basic facts, we delved into our research on cameras from other security system companies to see if Frontpoint can keep up. You can learn more about how we test and rank in our testing methodology.

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