Features of the Frontpoint Wireless Outdoor Camera

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FrontPoint Home Security Pros and cons review

From helping deter would-be intruders to finding out when the kids get home from school, outdoor home security cameras offer several benefits. Wireless outdoor cameras are popular because they’re typically easier to install than wired ones, and there are no wires for a burglar to cut and render the camera useless. Frontpoint® makes one of the more popular wireless outdoor cameras available today.

The Frontpoint Wireless Outdoor Camera

Comparing the features of multiple cameras side by side is a good way to find the best one for your needs. These are some of the prime features of the Frontpoint wireless outdoor camera.

  • Functions in below-freezing temperatures as well as temperatures up to 122°.
  • Offers live video resolution up to 1280 x 800 and recorded video resolution up to 1280 x 800.
  • Supports 10 simultaneous viewers.
  • Provides multiple image adjustments, including brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and exposure.
  • Includes infrared night vision that is effective up to 40 feet

FrontPoint Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Pairs with the Frontpoint App

The Frontpoint wireless outdoor camera works in conjunction with the company’s mobile app. By using the app, users can access video footage from anywhere, via their smartphone, computer, or tablet. So, whether in a business meeting or on vacation, the user can see if a package arrived at the door or monitor the comings and goings of household workers. To ensure confidentiality, the homeowner controls all access to the live video feed and it does not transmit to the Frontpoint Monitoring Center.

FrontPoint pairs with it's own app so you can access from anywhere

Live and Recorded Video

The moment motion is detected, cameras start recording video and the system sends an alert either by text or email. Users can watch the video from their mobile device or computer, then delete, share, or save the video. Not all security cameras offer this technology and it’s certainly one of the camera’s major selling points.

Installation and Setup of the Frontpoint Wireless Outdoor Camera

Unlike many other security cameras, the Frontpoint camera does not require professional installation. This is a major advantage of the camera, as it not only saves the homeowner money on initial installation, but it also allows the camera to be moved at any time without incurring any additional expenses.

The customer uses the Frontpoint online portal to sync the camera with their wireless router and then follow on-screen instructions to complete the set up process. Next, the homeowner chooses where they want to mount the camera, like near their home’s front or back door. The camera comes with mounting accessories that give the homeowner the choice of suspending the camera from an overhead location, or fixing the bottom of the camera to a flat surface.

FrontPoint Review

Pricing and Plans

Frontpoint’s wireless outdoor camera sells for $399.99. It is backed by a 30-day risk-free trial and covered by a three year warranty, both of which many companies don’t offer. The camera is designed to work specifically with a Frontpoint home security system, so you must subscribe to the company’s Ultimate monitoring plan, which is $49.99 per month.

Frontpoint’s wireless outdoor camera is just one of the benefits of a Frontpoint home security system. Before deciding what security cameras you want to install in your home, learn about the other safety and security tools Frontpoint offers.

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