June Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist

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June welcomes the official start of summer, which means barbeques, pool parties, backyard camping, and of course, home improvement projects (just in time for Father’s Day). In honor of National Safety Month this June, check out a few of our suggestions for making your home a little safer and efficient.

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1. Check the fridge

If you have a water dispenser in your fridge, you should change the filter at least every six months.

And don’t neglect that ice maker. The frosty crust that develops over time will prevent it from working correctly, so defrost and clean it every time you replace the fridge filter.

2. Do a security checkup

You may be surprised to learn that rates of larceny and burglary rise in the summer.1 Between the nice sunny weather and the height of travel season, June leaves a lot of houses empty and unguarded from intruders. Here's how you can make your home safer.

Get a security system

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Consider installing an alarm system this month or improving your existing security system with home automation to keep better watch over everything, whether you’re in town or going abroad this summer.

SimpliSafe's a great option because you can stop and start monitoring as you need it. If you want extra protection while you're on vacation, you're not stuck paying a contracted monthly fee after you get home.

Care for your system

If you already have a security system, try these things every six months to make it safer:

  1. Check your window and door sensors to make sure they're secure.
  2. Make sure you are still getting notifications from your sensors.
  3. Check the app to adjust privacy zones and motion sensitivity on your security cameras.

Secure the outside of your home

We all spend more time outside this time of year, so it's the perfect time to spruce up your security along with your flowerbeds. 

  1. Trim shrubs and trees to eliminate hiding spots for bad actors.
  2. Put away and lock up lawn equipment and ladders when you're finished with them. 
  3. Check outside lighting and replace burned out bulbs. Adding motion-sensor lights is another good idea to shoo away prowlers.
  4. Make sure to close and lock all windows (especially ground-floor ones) before you turn in.
  5. If you have a pool, use smart home gadgets like a motion sensor, gate sensor, camera, or water sensor to keep kids and pets safe.

3. Make small home improvements

A few small improvements can make a big difference this month.

Clean the fan blades and replace lightbulbs

If spring hit you hard with allergies, pollen may not be the only culprit. Before starting up the ceiling fan for the summer, clean off the blades and dust all the fans in your house. All the dust and debris could be adding to your allergies.

While you’re looking up, check for dead lightbulbs around the house as well.

Check and repair ripped window screens

Summer is prime insect season. If every winged, crawling thing seems to find its way into your home, check your window screens. Even a small hole or rip could be a welcome sign for bugs to enter your home.

For small holes, repair tape will suffice. If the damage is bad enough, you may have to replace the screen completely.

Test and change detector batteries

Your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors don’t do much if they aren’t charged and connected. So test these important safety devices at least once a month (earplugs encouraged). Make it easier on yourself by stocking up on batteries to keep on hand—your smoke and fire detectors will thank you.

3. Check your bathroom

Since we're halfway through the year, now is a good time to toss old meds and restock your first aid kit.

Update first aid kit

Hiking, biking, and swimming during the summer can keep you and your family busy and active. But accidents happen, so don’t forget to stock up on basic first-aid supplies like bandages, disinfectant, and more.

You can also find portable first aid kits to take with you on your summer adventures.

Clean out the medicine cabinet

You probably open your medicine cabinet every day. Take a moment this month to look closely at it. Get rid of anything that’s long expired, like medications, sunscreen, cosmetics, and other personal care products.

4. Get your yard in shape

Use these tips to make the outdoor season a nicer and little safer.

Inspect and repair outdoor play equipment

If you’ve got a jungle gym or playground in your backyard, take a close look at it before the kids can get to it. Loose screws, rust, and splinters can lead to injuries and even hospital visits without the right precautions.

Secure paint and other flammable materials

Most flammable liquids, including some paints, don’t hold up well under heat. Make sure you store them in the optimal room temperatures indicated on the product label.

Organize the shed and garage

Before you jump into the gardening and outdoor season, clean out the shed and garage so all your favorite tools are easy to reach. Donate or throw away tools you don’t use anymore, especially old power tools that could be a hazard to kids.

Dangerous chemicals like antifreeze should also be stored properly and organized. Be sure to dispose of any expired materials properly too.

5. Review authorized users or permissions

Around every six months, we recommend reviewing the authorized users and sharing permissions for your smart devices and apps. Remove anyone or anything you don't recognize, and then change the password.

June home maintenance FAQ

As the temperature rises, so can your energy bill. Keep your home cool and your monthly bills low by keeping the windows closed while the AC is on, using curtains to block out sunlight, and using the ceiling fan to circulate air.

You can also invest in a smart thermostat to adjust the temperature automatically and keep your energy bills low.

There’s so much to do in the summer—at home and on vacation. Hiking, biking, going to the lake, visiting local farmers’ markets, summer concerts, movie nights in the backyard, and barbeques are some of our favorites.

Keep an eye on kids, even in the kiddie pool, and bring plenty of sunscreen. If you’re on a boat, avoid drinking and driving, keep enough life vests for all your passengers, and store a radio or walkie-talkie on board.

Whether it’s in the backyard pool, local watering hole, or on the coast, water precautions are important.

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  1. Bureau of Justice Statistics, “Seasonal Patterns In Crime”. June 2014. Accessed May 31, 2022. 
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