The Ring Doorbell Pro Review

Written by | Updated October 5, 2016

Ring Doorbell Pro Review

Smart doorbells act as your digital butler; they monitor the door and tell you who’s come to visit.  Today, there are a handful of models on the market, but we’ve found Ring Video Doorbell Pro to be one of the most notable.

A Brief History of Ring

Ring began with a Kickstarter project for Doorbot, its first generation smart doorbell. After its monumental success, the company developed a video-equipped version. Now, you can get the third iteration of the company’s smart device, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro took everything customers loved about its predecessor and made it even better. When you buy this latest doorbell, you can enjoy features like cloud storage, motion detection, and high definition, and enhanced motion detection.

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Unique Features

With the original Ring Video Doorbell, you can set zones (like your front yard) to detect motion. The next generation technology now allows you to define actual shapes within those zones. For instance, instead of selecting a 20-foot radius, you can isolate your walkway, driveway, or mailbox to watch for movement in specific areas. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is also a lot more compact, so it makes less of a statement while doing a better job of keeping an eye on your home.

Things We Love About Ring Video Doorbell Pro

If we haven’t gushed about Ring Video Doorbell Pro enough, here are more reasons why we love it:

Live Stream

Security cameras work their best when they allow you to see real-time activity outside your home. This Ring smart doorbell does that. Use the app to monitor the happenings around your house and to see who’s on your property.

This comes in handy if you have kids who let themselves in after school, so you can rest easy knowing they made it home safe. It’s also beneficial if you’re away and have a pet sitter coming by the house. You can keep tabs on his/her schedule and make sure your furry children are getting the attention they deserve.

Two-Way Audio

When Ring detects motion, it starts recording and sends you an alert on your phone. Then, you can use the app to see the live video, listen in, and communicate with your visitor. It’s a doorbell, surveillance camera, and walkie talkie in-one.

Home Automation Compatibility

Ring is compatible with other home automation devices, so you can sync it with a smart door lock and smart lights. If your family, babysitter, maid, or guest forgets a key, you can talk to them, and let them in—no matter where you are.


Ring is the only smart doorbell on the market that is battery-operated.

Enhanced Motion Detection

The original Ring smart doorbell allows homeowners to set a perimeter for motion detection by distance. Ring Video Doorbell Pro allows you to be much more specific. You can draw a shape around your walkway, front yard, front steps, mailbox, or driveway to create separate motion alerts. This allows you to respond to the mailman at the mailbox differently than you would a stranger on your front steps.

Social Sharing

If something fishy is happening, you can share video clips with the people in your social circle. This is especially convenient if you witness criminal activity and want to warn friends and neighbors. It also makes it easier for police to track down a perpetrator if more people are on the lookout to report sightings.

Nearly Endless Storage

Ring Video Doorbell Pro is equipped with a memory card, but you can save six months-worth of video on the cloud for a three dollars per month.

Smaller Design

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is more compact than the original Ring model. Since it’s installed on the front of your home, it makes less of an impact on your house’s aesthetics. It’s also less obvious, so if someone is snooping around your home, they won’t notice it.

Color Choices

You can customize your Ring Video Doorbell Pro with different faceplates. Choose from four colors, including satin black, Venetian, satin nickel, and pearl white.

HD Wide Angle

Ring has an insane 1080p wide angle camera in order to see more of what’s happening around your home—and in high definition. It makes it much easier to identify people when they’re clearly defined individuals instead of grainy shapes.

Night Vision

Ring can see in complete darkness thanks to its LED infrared night vision camera, so if someone is creeping around at dusk or in the middle of the night, Ring will see it and send an alert.

DIY Installation

When you order Ring, you’ll get a toolkit, so you can install the system yourself. It’s built to sync with your WiFi and get you up and running without much hassle.

What We Wish Could Be Better About Ring

We’re nitpicking here, but it’s worthwhile to note there may be a few drawbacks, depending on your specific needs:

Cloud storage costs extra

Cloud storage will cost you $30/year—or three dollars per month. It’s really a small price to pay for a ton of extra storage, but it does add to the already expensive price tag.


Technology comes at a price. Ring Video Doorbell Pro was $249 as of September 2016, and it’s one of the most expensive doorbells on the market. The upside to this is that you only need one smart doorbell, and it comes with a ton of advanced features. Plus, when you’re weighing the value of peace of mind and security, it’s worth the price.

Why Video Door Bells Over Home Security Cameras?

Home automation for one. Enhanced security for another. Home security cameras run the gamut from basic to technologically advanced, but many don’t come with an app or live stream to your phone. Smart doorbells are equipped with a variety of valuable features:

Home automation

Smart doorbells come with apps that keep you in the loop at all times. If someone rings the doorbell or motion is detected, you can get a real-time alert on your phone. All Ring devices allow you to see a video live feed of who is at your door and speak with them on two-way audio.

Live streaming

Many security cameras record footage, but don’t let you watch it live. Ring doorbells have video feeds you can access through an app to see what’s happening at your home at any given time.

Dual function

Smart doorbells do multiple things: ring, record, and act as a walkie talkie, so you can see, speak with, and record anyone who sets foot on your property.


You can set zones with smart doorbells, so your device can watch for motion in certain areas.

Similar Smart Doorbells

Ring is one of the most expensive smart doorbells out there, but also one of the best. If you’d like you can shop around for other great smart doorbells on the market that cost less and come with some of the same awesome features:

  •      SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell 
  •      Vivint Doorbell Camera 
  •      August Doorbell Camera 
  •      ZModo 720P HD Wireless Smart Doorbell 
  •      VTech IS741 Accessory Audio/Video Doorbell Camera 
  •      Chui Face Recognition Doorbell
  •      Ring Video Doorbell Pro 

When shopping for a smart doorbell, think about the features you value most. Do you need something that will help you communicate with your kids and guests? Are you more interested in the aesthetic appeal? Defining your needs will help you make a better decision—and get the best security for your home.

You can shop for other smart devices like locks and doorbells with our helpful buyer’s guides.

Written by Caroline Maurer

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