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There are a handful of reasons why wireless home security is gaining momentum. For example, it’s notoriously easy to use and a cinch to install. But an often overlooked benefit of wireless is that it’s safer than traditional home security systems that use a phone line to connect to monitoring centers. That’s because a burglar can disable a traditional system by cutting phone linesbut with wireless there are no lines to cut.

If you’re looking for user-friendly system that delivers the ultimate peace of mind, you’ll want to learn more about two excellent wireless home security companies: SimpliSafe and Protect America. We’re here to help. Welcome to the world of wireless home security!

Monitoring services: SimpliSafe vs. Protect America

Options you’ll enjoy with SimpliSafe’s monitoring

SimpliSafe offers affordable, 24/7 alarm monitoring every day of the year. SimpliSafe systems come with built-in cellphone technology so that when an alarm is activated, a signal is instantly transmitted to the SimpliSafe monitoring center. 

SimpliSafe’s entry level monitoring package includes burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, freeze and flood monitoring. The company’s “Alert” monitoring plan is its mid-range option. It provides the protection offered by the basic package plus helpful SMS or email alerts that notify you who has entered your home and when, plus give you the heads up the moment your home’s alarm is activated.  SimpliSafe’s “Interactive” monitoring plan is it most robust. “Interactive” provides you with the features of the “Alert” plan, plus gives you the power to arm or disarm your system via the smartphone app. You can also set secret “alert only” sensors that will let you know when someone has gained access to potential dangerous locations such as gun cabinet or medicine cabinet. With the “Interactive” monitoring plan you’ll also be able to manage you home security settings online. Set alerts, view home temperatures and more from wherever you roam.

SimpliSafe’s customer service is one aspect that sets it apart from the competition. For example, with SimpliSafe you won’t sign a contract and no phone line is needed. SimpliSafe operates off a pay-as-you-go plan, so you can suspend, terminate or re-activate service as you please without being penalized. Best yet, if you’re not 100 percent happy with your SimpliSafe service, you can return the system within 60 days for a full refund, including shipping costs. SimpliSafe is certified by the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL).

Monitoring choices offered by Protect America

Protect America offers year-round 24/7 monitoring. When your home’s alarm is activated, a signal is sent to one of Protect America’s three monitoring stations. It’s important to note that Protect America gives you the comfort of redundant back-up monitoring. That means two monitoring stations are standing by to handle your emergency should something go wrong with the signal sent to the first station. In addition to burglary protection, Protect America offers smoke monitoring, medical panic pendant or watch monitoring, Carbon Monoxide monitoring, freeze and flood sensors, and a number of home automation choices.

Protect America understands that every customer has unique needs, and that’s why they offer three different types of monitoring options: cellular, high-speed broadband and landline.

Cellular Monitoring

When you choose cellular monitoring, you’ll enjoy the benefit of Protect America’s SMART Connect apps. You’ll be able to do things like control your home’s security, take charge of home automation, and watch live video right from your smartphone or tablet. Best yet, you won’t be charged for access to these popular features. Your Protect America alarm panel is built with a Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) cellular device that contacts one of Protect America’s monitoring station should an alarm be activated.

High-Speed Broadband Monitoring

In an emergency every second counts. You’ll feel good knowing that this monitoring option delivers incredibly fast response time. In fact, once a secured area has been breached, it only takes two seconds for your high-speed broadband modem our router to send a signal to the monitoring facility. With high-speed broadband monitoring you’ll also get free access to the Protect America’s SMART Connect apps.

Standard Landline Monitoring

Wireless is wonderful, but Protect America knows it isn’t the right solution for everyone. That’s why it offers consumers the option of standard telephone line monitoring. This is a good choice for people who can’t get high-speed Internet or live in an area where cell phone service is unreliable.

When considering you home security choices, keep in mind that Protect America offers a lowest price guarantee. They will match or beat any comparable offer.

Packages offered: SimpliSafe vs. Protect America

SimpliSafe Packages

SimpliSafe provides customers with five packages to choose from: “Starter,” “Economy,” “Classic,” “Master,” and “Ultimate.” Each package offers high quality equipment and several key features.

SimpliSafe’s “Starter” package is its most basic, and comes with one base station, one wireless keypad, one motion sensor, one entry sensor and one free keychain remote. It’s a good choice for those living in a small apartment or someone who is renting a room in a multi-room dwelling. The “Economy” package is one step above the “Starter” package and provides all the equipment of the “Starter” package, plus two more entry sensors. Move up to the “Classic” package and you get the “Economy” package plus an extra 105dB siren and one smoke detector. The “Classic” package is ideal for a small home. With SimpliSafe’s “Master” package, you’ll benefit from all the equipment and features of the “Classic” package and get an additional motion sensor, plus three additional entry sensors- for a total of six. For comprehensive safety and security protection, SimpliSafe offers the “Ultimate” package. With it you’ll receive everything from the “Master” package and environmental protection provided by one water sensor, one Carbon Monoxide detector and one freeze sensor.

Every SimpliSafe package is shipped for free, and comes with one free yard sign and two decals so you can warn the bad guys that your home, apartment or business is protected. All packages also include five year batteries and adhesive strips for mounting the system.

Protect America Packages

Protect America offers “Copper,” “Bronze,” “Silver,” “Gold,” and “Platinum” home security packages. You won’t pay an installation charge or an equipment fee with any of Protect America’s packages, and its “Copper” package has been noted as a “Best Buy” by “Consumer’s Digest” for five consecutive years.

Every package comes with three window decals, one yard sign, one Simon XT control panel and one motion detector. The entry level “Copper” package provides you with three door/window sensors, the “Bronze” package offers seven door/window sensors and Protect America’s “Silver” package delivers the protection of 10 door/window sensors. With the “Gold” package you’ll enjoy the comfort of 12 door/window sensors and Protect America’s “Platinum” package offers the flexibility of 15 door/window sensors.

When it comes to home security, don’t let the promotions and promises of fly-by-night companies fool you. Choose a company like SimpliSafe or Protect America; they’ve both earned a well deserved reputation for superior monitoring and quality equipment.

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