Frontpoint vs. SimpliSafe: Exploring the Benefits These Top Home Security System Companies Offer

Written by | Updated June 9, 2014

A home security system makes your home three times less likely to be burglarized. In addition to protecting your valuables, a home security system is an investment into your family’s safety.

The time to take advantage of a home security system is now, before you experience a break-in or safety emergency. And to help you find a system that meets your unique needs, we’ve investigated the monitoring services and security packages of security providers SimpliSafe and Frontpoint.

Review our straightforward comparison guide and you’ll be well prepared to select the ideal home security solution.

Home Security System Monitoring Review: Frontpoint

frontpoint_full_vert-614With Frontpoint you’ll get 24/7 home security monitoring every day of the year from Frontpoint. And no matter which monitoring service you select, you’ll receive security, fire, flood, Carbon Monoxide, and life safety emergency monitoring at no extra charge. Frontpoint provides you with three monitoring plans to select from, “Protection,” “Interactive,” and “Ultimate.”

“Protection” is Frontpoint’s entry level plan, but it includes a surprising number of monitoring services: intrusion, fire, environmental hazards and life safety monitoring. When you sign up for “Interactive” monitoring you’ll enjoy all of the services offered by the “Protection” plan plus the convenience of controlling your security system right from your smartphone or tablet through Frontpoint’s free mobile apps. You’ll also unlock the ability to automate your home lighting. Additional features of the “Interactive” plan include crash and smash protection, email and text alerts and location-based services.

Frontpoint’s “Protection” and “Interactive” monitoring plans are impressive, but its most complete monitoring plan is the “Ultimate.” The “Ultimate” plan includes every monitoring service offered with the “Interactive” plan, plus video surveillance. With the video surveillance feature you can check in on your home right from your smartphone or tablet via live streaming video. Sign up for the “Ultimate” plan and you’ll also receive a full Home Automation suite which lets you control your home’s security virtually, plus do things like remotely control lights and adjust thermostat settings.

Frontpoint’s wireless system is easy to pack up when you move and reinstall in your new home or apartment. Cellular technology is built into every system and it’s the only technology Frontpoint uses. The Frontpoint control panel will send a signal to the monitoring center even if a burglar has damaged it. Even under conditions of poor cell coverage, Frontpoint’s low-frequency alarm signaling works.

You should also know that Frontpoint offers a 30 day, 100 percent risk free trial. If you’re not completely satisfied with your Frontpoint system you can return it for a full refund, including shipping charges. Every home security system Frontpoint offers comes with a two year warranty.

Frontpoint Home Security System Packages

Frontpoint understands that every customer’s home security needs are different, so they offer three security packages to choose from: “Standard,” “Enhanced,” and “Light.” It’s important to remember that as your safety and security needs change, you can easily add equipment to your Frontpoint system.

Frontpoint’s “Standard” package includes one wireless control panel, two wireless door/window sensors, one wireless motion sensor, a keychain remote, one yard sign and five window decals. Frontpoint’s “Enhanced” package gives you every piece of equipment that’s included with the “Standard” package plus one smoke and heat sensor. Take advantage of Frontpoint’s “Light” package and you’ll enjoy everything the “Enhanced” package provides, plus two Z-Wave wireless light controls that let you remotely control lights and small appliances. For added protection, you’ll also be able to schedule lights to turn on or off while you’re not home.

SafeWise knows that when it comes to shopping for a home security provider, you have a number of choices. We encourage you to learn more about SimpliSafe and Frontpoint, and then explore all of the benefits a professional home security provider offers.

Home Security System Monitoring Review: SimpliSafe

Simplisafe PackagesSimpliSafe offers 24/7/365 alarm monitoring, plus additional monitoring options like fire, carbon monoxide, freeze and flood monitoring. The respected home security provider offers three monitoring plans to choose from.

SimpliSafe’s entry level monitoring package includes burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, freeze and flood monitoring. When you sign up for the “Alert” monitoring plan you’ll receive all the protection the basic plan offers plus helpful SMS or email alerts that notify you immediately if your home’s alarm has been activated and can also tell you who has entered your home and when.

SimpliSafe’s “Interactive” monitoring plan is its most complete. “Interactive” provides you with the features of the “Alert” plan, plus gives you the power to arm or disarm your system via the SimpliSafe app. You can also set secret “alert only” sensors that will let you know when someone has gained access to places like the liquor cabinet, gun case or your jewelry drawer. With the “Interactive” monitoring plan you get the power to manage you home security settings online and set alerts, view home temperatures and more right from your smartphone or tablet.

SimpliSafe does not require a contract. It operates off a pay-as-you-go plan, so you can suspend, terminate or reactivate service as you please without being penalized. If you’re not 100 percent happy with your SimpliSafe system, you can return the system within 60 days for a full refund, including shipping costs. SimpliSafe is certified by the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL). Plus, with SimpliSafe you’ll enjoy the protection of a 100 percent wireless home security system.

SimpliSafe Home Security System Packages

SimpliSafe provides customers with five packages to choose from: “Starter,” “Economy,” “Classic,” “Master,” and “Ultimate.” Each package offers a number of key features.

If you live in an apartment, SimpliSafe’s “Starter” package is a great choice. It comes with one base station, one wireless keypad, one motion sensor, one entry sensor and one free keychain remote. Move up to the “Economy” package and you’ll receive all the equipment of the “Starter” package, plus two more entry sensors. When you select SimpliSafe’s “Classic” package and you will enjoy the features of the “Economy” package plus an extra 105dB siren and one smoke detector. With SimpliSafe’s “Master” package, you’ll benefit from all the equipment and features of the “Classic” package and get an additional motion sensor, plus three additional entry sensors, for a total of six. The most comprehensive safety and security protection package SimpliSafe offers is the “Ultimate” package. With it you’ll receive everything from the “Master” package and environmental protection provided by one water sensor, one Carbon Monoxide detector and one freeze sensor.

No matter which SimpliSafe package you choose you’ll receive one free yard sign and two decals. All SimpliSafe systems are shipped for free and include five year batteries and adhesive strips for mounting the system.

For more information on your security system options, get more details about Frontpoint here, and visit SimpliSafe on Amazon.

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