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SimpliSafe vs. Frontpoint Home Security

Written by | Updated November 18, 2019
logo of frontpoint home securityFrontpoint
  • Great customer service
  • Smart home compatibility
  • Great customer service
  • Smart home compatibility
logo of simplisafe home securitySimpliSafe
  • No contracts
  • Low monitoring fees
  • No contracts
  • Low monitoring fees

Do-it-yourself home security is all the rage, and it seems like there’s a new security company claiming to be the best every other day. To help you find the right DIY security system for your home, we’re pitting two of our favorite security companies against one another in a SafeWise home security face-off.

At first glance, SimpliSafe and Frontpoint don’t seem to have many similarities. One is a self-contained, sleekly designed newcomer, and the other is a well-known industry leader offering a more traditional home security experience. But both systems deliver free DIY installation, professional monitoring service, home automation capability, and a secure, 100% wireless connection.

Find out what each company does best—and where they falter—in the head-to-head SimpliSafe vs. Frontpoint comparison below.

Pricing and Plans Comparison

simplisafe home security logo frontpoint home security logo
SimpliSafe Hearth Package Frontpoint Interactive Plan
View Packages View Packages
Monthly Monitoring Cost Starting at $14.99 $44.99
Equipment Cost $374.91 Quote required
Trial Period 60-day money-back guarantee 30-day, 100% risk-free trial
Connection Type Cellular Cellular
Contract Length None Month-to-Month
Customer Service 4 stars 5 stars
Included Equipment Wireless base station


Key fob

Entry sensors

Motion sensor

Alarm siren

Smoke detector

Wireless control panel

Panic pendant

Door and window sensors

Flood sensor

Garage sensor

Glass break sensor

Motion sensor

Smoke and CO detector

Stand-Out Feature Pet-friendly sensors Crash & Smash protection

What Do SimpliSafe and Frontpoint Have in Common?

Despite vastly different packaging, these two home alarm systems have more in common than you might think. Both offer professional monitoring services, remote access and control, and hazard detection along with burglar deterrents. Here’s a rundown of other important similarities:

  • Easy DIY installation
  • Secure cellular monitoring
  • No-risk trial period
  • Portable equipment
  • Free mobile app

What Makes SimpliSafe and Frontpoint Different?

It’s nice to know what these security companies have in common, but what usually helps me make a decision is where they deviate. The differences are where you get a better picture about which security company may be a better fit for your specific needs. Take a look at the main points where these two security companies diverge:

  • Monthly costs and fees
  • Home automation capabilities
  • Self-monitoring options
  • Equipment offerings
simplisafe hub in the kitchen

SimpliSafe At a Glance

SimpliSafe set out to do home security differently than everyone else. That’s why you won’t run into any high-pressure salespeople or tricky, long-term contracts. SimpliSafe equipment is contemporary and appeals to people who aren’t willing to sacrifice style for security. SimpliSafe’s stripped-down packages make it easy for people living in apartments, dorms, or roommate situations to add security. But it can be harder to use SimpliSafe for larger homes and properties—especially without any outdoor security cameras available.

We like this practical, low-cost approach to home security and appreciate that you can take or leave monthly monitoring. But SimpliSafe’s main weakness is its constant evolution. The company recently released an updated version of the whole system, but the new components don’t work with older versions. This leaves long-time customers in the dust because they’ll have to purchase an entirely new system when they’re ready to upgrade. SimpliSafe has also been slow to adopt home automation, just barely adding compatibility with Nest, Amazon Alexa, and August smart locks.


  • No contracts
  • Affordable monitoring fees
  • Stylish design
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • No outdoor security cameras
  • No compatibility between old and new components
  • Slim home automation options
frontpoint control panel on the wall

Frontpoint Security in a Nutshell

Frontpoint has been one of our favorite home security companies for a while now. We like that it’s the customers (and not just the company) that tout the easy DIY installation process. In fact, customers can’t stop talking about Frontpoint’s service and customer care—from technical assistance to general questions, customers get the help they need in a fast, friendly manner.

“I called tech services for help with an app, and the person I spoke to was extremely helpful and patient. . . . I would recommend Frontpoint to anyone looking for a reliable security system with excellent customer and technical service.”

Carol T. from Plainfield, NJ | March 2018

This home alarm company offers five packages with equipment that you bring wherever you move. Monitoring from Frontpoint starts at $44.99 per month, but it’s contract-free and $0 down if you opt for financing.

If you’re looking for full-service home security that you can integrate with home automation components,  Frontpoint delivers, especially for renters and frequent movers.


  • 30-day, risk-free trial
  • Full range of home automation options
  • Great customer service


  • Expensive monitoring fees

The Bottom Line

Calling out a winner between SimpliSafe and Frontpoint isn’t as straightforward as we’d like it to be. Both alarm companies offer reliable home security and high-end equipment. You also get DIY installation and the flexibility to move your security system with you.

Where these home security titans part ways is price. SimpliSafe and Frontpoint both offer contract-free monitoring, but SimpliSafe’s equipment costs are much cheaper. 

Frontpoint can start at $0 for equipment if you finance. But Frontpoint charges $44.99 per month for monitoring versus SimpliSafe’s $15 per month service.

Equipment is another divergent factor—SimpliSafe only has one basic indoor security camera, while Frontpoint offers both indoor and outdoor cameras along with video monitoring features.

  • Price and Contract: SimpliSafe is the clear winner here. Affordable equipment, no contracts, and monthly monitoring starting at $14.99 provide the greatest value.
  • Customer Service: Frontpoint wins this round. This security company has a long track record of rave reviews and continues to deliver exceptional service.
  • Features: Frontpoint wins again. You get more equipment options, which leads to more robust features for both home protection and automation.

Overall Winner: Frontpoint

For comprehensive home security that you can count on both inside and outside your home, Frontpoint is the better choice. You’ll pay a little more for that extra protection, but we think the added peace of mind you get from video monitoring is worth it. We also like the wide array of home automation options that include everything from smart door locks to smart lighting.

More DIY Home Security Options

If you’re still on the fence about which home security company is right for you, here are some other systems we recommend—or check out our complete guide to DIY home security systems.


logo of scout alarm ProtectAmerica logo
Scout Protect America
  • Monitoring fees starting at $9.99
  • No contracts
  • No security cameras
  • Monitoring fees starting at $19.99
  • Locked-in rates
  • Landline required for some rates/packages
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