The 5 Coolest Looking Home Security Products

Written by | Updated April 27, 2016

Sleekest Home Security Products

Everyone wants to feel protected and safe in their home. And while it’s impossible to completely prevent a break-in from happening, home security systems can help improve the safety of your home and can help you feel at ease. Less than a decade ago, the traditional alarm system was largely the only home security system available. Over the years, though, alarm systems have transformed from bulky alarms to aesthetically pleasing all-in-one home automation systems that help make life simpler and more secure.

We’ve seen countless home automation and alarm systems hit the market, but these five take the cake in terms of design and aesthetics.

1. Ring Video Doorbell

Imagine being able to identify a visitor without answering the door or being home. With a high-definition widescreen camera and two-way intercom, the Wi-Fi enabled Ring Video Doorbell makes that vision a reality. You can see exactly who is at your door and communicate with them, all from your smartphone or tablet. At just 5 inches tall, 2.4 inches wide, and 0.9 inches deep, Ring doesn’t require a lot of room and isn’t overbearing. And since the device is available in four finishes — venetian bronze, polished brass, antique brass, and satin nickel — you can match your Ring Video Doorbell to your front door’s color scheme and style.

List price: $199

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2. August Smart Lock

Ideal for families but great for any homeowner, the August Smart Lock eliminates the need for house keys. Using Bluetooth technology, you can use your smartphone to unlock and lock your door, and you can provide friends and family temporary or permanent virtual keys, allowing them to access your home when you want. The August is also sleek and modern, with a 3.3-inch circumference that fits discreetly on any front door. Additionally, the device comes with an option of champagne, dark gray, silver, or vibrant red faceplates, ensuring seamless integration with a wide range of décor preferences.

List price: $299

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3. Netatmo Welcome Security Camera

Too often, security cameras look like just that: big, clunky cameras. Eliminating the commercial wall cam design, Netatmo made its Welcome Camera slim and unassuming. Resembling more of a modern bookend than a security device, this smart camera has a 6-inch tall cylindrical anodized aluminum case in a soft gold color. With advanced facial recognition technology and HD imaging, you get a clear view of who is inside your home, wherever you are. Through the app, you can also receive alerts if a stranger enters your residence. And because the Welcome packs all these big features into a relatively small size, it’s easy to fit the device just about anywhere.

List price: $199

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4. Canary Security System

It can be difficult to find an all-in-one security system that is small, attractive, and high tech, but the Canary checks all those boxes. Some of the device’s features include 1080p HD video capabilities, night vision, a 147-degree wide-angle lens, motion sensors, and a mobile app. But the cherry on top is the minimalist design — the Canary stands at 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide with a barely detectable lens and hidden motion sensors, so you’ll hardly notice it in your home. And thanks to the three available color options — white, silver, and black — the device will complement existing furnishings.

List price: $249

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5. Scout Alarm Home Security System

Scout security system with indoor camera and door lock

If you like the design of the Canary but want more custom options, the Scout Home Security System is for you. With an offering of four core products — a door panel, access sensor, motion sensor, and hub — Scout lets users build their own home alarm system with the features they want. Taking that customization even further, all elements of the Scout system are available in arctic white, midnight black, and walnut brown, and the thin, minimal design will blend smoothly with your home’s aesthetic.

List price: $129 + features

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Now that you’ve seen five of the sexiest and most technologically advanced smart security systems, it’s time to choose a security system that’s best for your home and start automating your security technology.

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