I’m building a new home. When should I call for home automation services?

Written by | Updated May 9, 2019

If you’re building a new home, you’re in the perfect position to install home automation services. The best time to call in a home automation expert is prior to breaking ground. By getting the entire homebuilding team together, you can talk through questions and concerns to develop better plans and project timelines. Doing so gets everybody on the same page and united around your vision.

You might not have that option if the concrete has already been poured. Not to worry—as long as you request home automation services before the wiring and cabling go in, you’ll stay ahead of the expense game. The ultimate aim with home automation is to install neutral wires and Cat 6 cable before the drywall goes up. Once the drywall is in place, you face renovation expenses. You’re always better off to deal with wires and cables before the walls go up.

Plan Ahead for Easiest Smart Home Integration

If home automation is important to you, plan your home around those services.

Figure out where most of your connected devices will live. For example, if you plan to entertain inside and out, you will want wires and cabling that adequately cover both locations. The same process holds true with smart lighting. Sure, you can plug in smart lightbulbs everywhere, but you’ll want smart switches and neutral wires to tap into all the advantages that smart lighting affords.

Once the wiring and cabling is complete and the walls finished, the home automation services team should help you connect everything. They may ask you to come along during the final stages of the work. If they don’t, ask to be brought in. Now is the time to ask about best practices and learn the home automation system’s controls. You want a smart home that is truly move-in ready.

Not sure how to plan out your smart home? Check out our resource library to get some ideas, then visit with a home automation services team.