Key Features of the ADT Monitoring Control Panel

Written by | Updated June 3, 2014

Professional service, outstanding value and access to pioneering technology are a few reasons why millions of people choose ADT monitoring to help protect their valuables and their loved ones. One of the most powerful pieces of security equipment is the ADT monitoring control panel.

In fact, the ADT monitoring control panel and digital touchpad are the heart of the ADT monitoring system. Understanding its basic functions is the first step to comprehensive home safety and security. We’ll get you started with this quick overview.

Functions of the ADT Monitoring Control Panel

When you take advantage of an ADT monitored security system, you’ll get the ADT monitoring control panel with digital touchpad. The control panel should be mounted in a place that’s easy to reach during an emergency and handy for everyday use. Keep in mind that you can purchase additional touchpads for added security and convenience.

The ADT monitoring control panel offers a number of noteworthy features. For example, it gives the user simple, fast, one-touch access to police, emergency personnel and the fire department. Simply press the button of the service you need, and an ADT monitoring representative will contact that service for you while you tend to your family’s needs. If you press the control panel’s “panic” button, and hold it down for one to three seconds, an alarm is transmitted to the ADT monitoring center. The control panel’s large LCD display is easy to read even in the dark, and its 2-Way voice communication is a feature no home should be without.

2-Way voice communication helps prevent false alarms by connecting you to the central monitoring station right from the panel so you can notify the ADT monitoring professional that you’re okay, it is also helpful during your time of need. You can talk with an ADT monitoring trained professional during an emergency without having to hold a phone. Hands-free communication can be incredibly helpful during the chaotic moments of an emergency.

Your ADT monitoring control panel also offers simple and clear voice commands, so you’ll never doubt if you’ve armed, unarmed or activated your home security system. The LCD display will show “Not Ready” when a portion of the system is not ready for arming due to open protection zones. Once you secure the zone, the “Not Ready” message will disappear and you will see a “Ready” indicator light illuminate. The panel supports up to 40 window/door sensors, so every inch of your home is protected. And your system will chime to make you aware that an armed door or window has been opened or closed. If you want to arm your system when a door or window is open, you can use the “Bypass” function.

Should your ADT monitoring control panel lose power, its back-up battery will take over so you’ll never be without the protection you’ve come to expect from ADT. The LCD display will show “NO AC” which means the AC power has been cut off and your system is operating on back-up battery power. The back-up battery will maintain your alarm protection for several hours, and when the battery starts to get low it will send a signal to the ADT monitoring center. An ADT monitoring professional will contact you and make you aware of the situation.

You’ll sleep soundly at night knowing that your ADT monitoring control panel is constantly testing itself. In fact, one time per hour, your system will conduct a test. The keypad will transmit a signal to each component of your security system to ensure its operating correctly. If the system identifies a problem, it will notify the ADT monitoring center for you. An ADT monitoring professional will contact you so you’re made aware of the problem immediately.

Your ADT monitoring control panel is the hub of your ADT monitoring home security system. Because it offers robust features and is watched over by ADT monitoring professionals 24/7, you’ll enjoy the comfort of knowing help will be on its way quickly should you or your loved ones need it.

Written by Alexia Chianis

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