Smart Appliances You Can Control From Your Smart Phone

Written by | Updated June 16, 2015


Tech firms are releasing smart appliances at a rate so fast experts are estimating nine out of ten appliances in your home will link to the Internet in just a few years. These Wi-Fi enabled home appliances are the result of the Internet of Things (IoT) wave of development and are here to make life simpler around the house. If this sounds great to you, check out a few of the smart appliances you won’t want to miss out on.


These aren’t just a box that keeps things cool anymore. Take a look at the Samsung 4-Door for starters – it comes standard with a Wi-Fi enabled LCD screen that not only allows you to watch television on your fridge, but also grants you access to the apps on your smartphone or tablet.

The more advanced LG HomeChat Smart Refrigerator allows you to “talk” to your fridge via the Line smartphone app. You can take a look inside the fridge when you’re out grocery shopping to check if you need more juice or not, and it’s as simple as a few taps on your phone to enable power-saving mode while you’re away on vacation.


Lighting Systems

The Philips Hue works with your smart devices to adjust the lighting in your home at your leisure. You can set the lights to slowly brighten to help you wake up peacefully in the morning, or you can set up an IFTTT equation so the lights notify you of an email you’re waiting for, a TV show you don’t want to miss, or any type of reminder you need. And you can even use the “Light Recipes” to set the lights at the right hue for whatever activity you’re doing, from studying to relaxing.

Laundry Machines

If you’re tired of having to get up and check to see if your clothes are still washing or if it’s time to put them in the dryer, a Wi-Fi enabled laundry unit might help. Machines like the Whirlpool Smart Front Load Washer connect remotely to your phone so you can see the status of your laundry. You can also set and change cycles from wherever you are. The app tracks the amount of energy you’re using so you can evaluate where to cut back and save money.



The Nest Thermostat has been on the market for a bit and offers a great solution for people tired of toying with their temperature settings on a daily basis. The thermostat takes note of your habits and – once it learns your preferences – automatically adjusts the temperatures in your home. You can also access it through your phone and control the settings from anywhere to tell it to cool things down so you walk in refreshed after being out in the heat.


Coffee Makers

The smart appliance we’ve all been secretly hoping for is here. The Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew lets you start your morning coffee from the comfort of your bed. That’s right, you no longer have to get up early to start a cup of Joe. The coffee maker connects to the WeMo app and can remotely be set to brew, or you can set predetermined times throughout the day for it to get your caffeine jolt ready for you.

Security Features

There are a lot of great Wi-Fi tools out there that can help keep your home secure. They range from full-scale alarm systems to simple smart door locks.

The August Smart Lock works with your existing deadbolt and links up with your smartphone. Once you have things connected, you can control the lock from your phone. And if you have your hands full with groceries and can’t dig for your keys, the auto-unlock feature will unlock the door within a 100-foot range.

The iSmartAlarm offers an affordable home security system that provides text message alerts, automated calls, and an optional iCamera accessory to monitor video in your home. All of the security system features are controlled right from your smartphone making this a great option for the DIYers out there.

Wi-Fi enabled appliances are likely to become the norm in most homes in the future and the current offerings are certainly exciting to see.

What other appliances would you like to see get a makeover like this?

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