A Comprehensive Review of ADT’s Medical Alert Systems

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Medical alert devices are your lifeline to emergency services. If you fall, become disoriented, have a stroke or heart attack, get in a car accident, or suffer any distress, a push of a button connects you with people to help.

Popular among seniors, these literal life-savers also prove useful to anyone living alone, but ADT’s three medical alert systems cater to the aforementioned older demographic. Medical alert devices hold your life in their hands, so we’ve painstakingly researched each model to help you find the best option for your needs.

It’s important to note that all of ADT’s medical alert devices have a lifetime price-lock guarantee, ForeverRate, which prevents your monthly bill from ever increasing and helps seniors on fixed incomes stick to their budgets. In addition, all ADT medical alert customers (with any model) benefit from its 24/7 emergency response center that’s staffed with professionals trained in senior safety.

Now, let’s take a look at the main differences between ADT’s three medical alert products.

 System  Description  What We Love Downsides   Price
ADT On-The-Go This is the most sophisticated medical alert system offered by ADT with mobile tracking, cellular uplink, and fall detection. It’s the only mobile option offered by ADT.
  • ForeveRate
  • Cellular Uplink
  • GPS Location
  • Mobile
  • Fall Detection
  • Priciest
  • No Temperature Sensor
$39.99/month when ordered by phone


$37.99/month when ordered online

Medical Alert Plus ADT’s middle-of-the-road medical alert device connects through cellular uplink, but doesn’t work outside of the home.
  • ForeveRate
  • Fall Detection
  • Cellular Uplink
  • Temperature Sensor
  • No GPS Location
  • No Mobile Technology
$35.99/month when ordered by phone


$33.99/month when ordered online

Medical Alert Basic The most basic medical alert device from ADT offers simple at-home safety features for the lowest price.
  • ForeveRate
  • Cheapest
  • Waterproof
  • Temperature Sensor
  • No Fall Detection
  • Need Landline/WiFi
  • No GPS Location
  • No Mobile Technology
$29.99/month when ordered by phone


$27.99/month when ordered online

ADT On-The-Go

ADT On-The-Go was made for active seniors who want to maintain safety while at home or away. Each system includes a mobile device and either one waterproof wristband or wearable fall detection pendant to keep seniors in touch with emergency services while doing everything from cooking to walking to bathing. The cellular uplink eliminates the need for wireless internet or a landline and maintains contact with the helpline 24/7.

Best For: Active seniors who want to take security with them outside of the home.

Features We Like

  • GPS Location Services. This is the only ADT medical alert package that offers GPS-locating services, which helps seniors with cognitive impairment who may become easily lost or disoriented.
  • Whether seniors are at home, running errands, driving, or out for a walk, this system stays in contact with emergency services in case something happens (as long as you wear the compatible wristband or pendant and stay within 100 feet of the mobile device).
  • Fall Detection Pendant. This two-way pendant allows seniors to hear and speak with ADT representatives when they push the emergency button. The connection is strongest within 100 feet of the mobile device.
  • Cellular Uplink. You don’t need a landline or WiFi for this to work, so seniors can save on extra monthly utility bills and make up for some of the cost of this system.
  • Waterproof Accessories. The neck pendant and wristbands are waterproof, so they’re approved to go in the shower. This is huge since the bathroom is the number one place for falls in the home.


  • Priced just under $40 per month, On-The-Go is $10 per month more expensive than the cheapest option, Medical Alert Basic.
  • No Temperature Monitoring. You’d think this system would come with this feature since the two other less advanced and expensive options do, but it doesn’t. You might need to look into smart thermostats and bigger home security systems for temperature sensors that detect fire or freeze warnings.

Medical Alert Plus

Medical Alert Plus is the middle-of-the-road option as far as price and features go. Seniors who spend most of their time at home and want to save on extra utility costs should consider this option since it uses a cellular uplink to stay in contact with ADT’s emergency response center. Seniors who choose Medical Alert Plus receive the great features of ADT’s On-The-Go service like fall detection, but with added temperature gauge to keep an eye out for fires or freezing temperatures. Plus, this option offers an extended range (up to 600 feet from main console), so seniors who spend time outdoors may do so safely.This package comes with a main console, backup battery, fall detection pendant, temperature sensor, and either one pendant or wristband.

Best For: Seniors who spend most time at home and in the yard.

Features We Like

  • Fall Detection Pendant. Seniors who fall and become unconscious still receive the help they need thanks to the signal this device sends to ADT’s emergency response center. The two-way communication built into this pendant allows seniors to have a conversation with ADT professionals, too.
  • Extended Range. This device works up to 600 feet from the main console, so seniors may enjoy spending time in the yard, by the pool, or gardening outdoors.
  • Cellular Uplink. No landline or WiFi are needed for this to work, which saves seniors on monthly utility bills.
  • Waterproof Accessories. The neck and wrist pendants are waterproof, so they can be taken into the bath. Bathrooms are the most dangerous place for falls in the home, so this is a lifesaving feature.
  • Temperature Monitoring. If temperatures get too hot or too cold, the system alerts the ADT professionals to send help.
  • Battery Backup. The backup battery ensures seniors never lose contact with ADT’s emergency services professionals.


  • No GPS-locating Technology. Seniors with cognitive impairment should choose a different option that monitors their whereabouts.
  • No Mobile Technology. Seniors who run to the store or out to dinner don’t have the added security of mobile support.

Medical Alert Basic

Healthy seniors who don’t have any mobility issues may consider this device. It’s the cheapest, but ADT’s Medical Alert Basic package only offers simple services like 24/7 emergency response. Each package comes with a base station, two-way voice intercom, temperature sensor, and either a pendant or bracelet. While the fall detection service (not included in this option) is critical if seniors become unconscious, the Medical Alert Basic bracelet and pendant still connect seniors with emergency services, as long as they’re within 300 feet of the main console.

Best For: Seniors on a budget who are healthy and active and don’t need added security of fall detection.

Features We Like

  • Cheapest Option. This bare-bones medical alert system is the cheapest ADT offers at less than $30 per month.
  • Waterproof Accessories. The neck and wrist pendants are waterproof, so they can be worn in the shower. The bathroom is the number one place for falls in the home, so it’s important seniors can wear these devices while bathing.
  • Temperature Monitoring. If temperatures get too hot or too cold, the system alerts the ADT professionals to send help.
  • Battery Backup. The backup battery prevents seniors from losing contact with ADT emergency services.


  • No Fall Alert Pendant. The senior has to call for help if they fall since the fall sensor isn’t available on the basic emergency pendants that come in this package.
  • Need WiFi/Landline. The Medical Alert Basic package doesn’t use a cellular network to communicate with ADT’s emergency response center, so seniors must buy a monthly landline or WiFi package, which negates the monthly cost savings of this service.
  • No GPS-locating Technology. If seniors get lost or confused, no one will know where they are.
  • No Mobile Technology. This device only works inside the home and up to 300 feet from the main console, which eliminates some of the freedom and peace of mind ADT On-The-Go and Medical Alert Plus offer.

Seniors interested in ADT medical alert systems can do additional research online or call 1-844-290-5952 to talk to a specialist for more information and purchasing assistance.

Not sold on ADT’s offerings? Compare more emergency and medical alert devices from other companies that have passed the SafeWise safety test.

*Alert systems may vary based on the ADT provider purchased through. The offerings discussed above are from ADT directly. Offers are subject to change and additional fees may apply so discuss thoroughly with your representative.

Written by Caroline Maurer

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