What Should I Consider Before Having an Alarm System Installed?

Written by | Updated May 17, 2019

Customizing your security system to work in your living space is critical. If you aren’t happy with how a security system fits with your home, you won’t utilize it to its full capabilities. Before getting a home security system installed, consider the type of installation you want, where you want your control panel, how many sensors you want, and whether or not you want video surveillance.

Professional vs. Self-Installation

You’ve narrowed down your choices for the type of security system you want for your home, but now you need to pick how you want it installed. There are pros and cons to each method. Professional installation from a security company’s licensed technician guarantees reliable and correct placement, but it is time-consuming and expensive. Self-installation, however, can be quick, simple, and a way to save on installation fees.

Control Panel Placement

The control panel is the heart of a wired home security system. It’s the keypad that activates and disables the alarm, and it’s where the panic button is for a serious emergency. Think about which area of your home you want install your control panel to best suit your needs.

You want to install the alarm keypad near an exterior door of your home that you use daily. The main door is a prime choice because you can enter security codes to arm and disarm the system while entering and leaving the house. But some find the control panel is best suited for their attached garages or by their back doors. Install the control panel in a dry, well-lit area that doesn’t get too humid. Never mount it outdoors where criminals could access and disarm it or weather could destroy it.

If you like the security of having a control panel close by for quick access at night, consider using two control panels. In the event of an emergency, install a second control panel in your bedroom where you will have instant access to disable the system or hit the panic button.

Number of Sensors

Sensors are valuable components of a home alarm system because they set off the control panel when triggered. Motion detecting sensors can cover between fifty to eighty feet and are most effective in rooms with few obstructions. These are some of the best places to put sensors.

  • Corners with a view of each entry point
  • Hallways leading to the main bedroom
  • Basement bedrooms
  • Windows
  • Near valuables

Video Surveillance

It’s likely that you’ll want to add video surveillance to your security system. A video camera can help you keep an eye on who comes and goes from your home, and it can also identify a burglar after a crime. The top security cameras operate with motion sensors and record high-resolution videos with sound. Video surveillance systems are flexible, and there are various types for different household needs.

Have you considered all the key factors before choosing your security system? Make sure to look through our home security resources for more information on all your alarm system needs.

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