The 10 Safest Cities in Vermont—2017

Jan 2, 2018 |

Vermont has plenty to be proud of when it comes to public safety and limiting crime. In fact, the Green Mountain State has the lowest property crime and violent crime rates in the nation. Perhaps part of the state’s success is due to the Team Two curriculum, in which law enforcement and mental health crisis workers combine forces to better respond to mental health crises throughout the state.

During a time when proper mental health treatment is increasingly recognized as a crucial part of criminal justice reform and public safety, Vermont’s partnership between the Department of Public Safety and the Department of Mental Health is a positive example that other states can follow.

Among the ten cities we’ve recognized below as Vermont’s safest, 70% reported zero violent crimes, according to the FBI’s 2015 statistics. Overall, these ten cities reported only nine violent crimes total, and there were no reports of murder in any of Vermont’s safest cities.

When it comes to property crime, these cities continue to impress: 90% of them reported fewer than twenty total property crimes and 60% reported no burglaries. In total, the cities on our list reported only two motor vehicle thefts and one arson.

If you call Vermont home, you already know this state is more than just a pretty face—and the outstanding safety records of our top ten cities give you plenty of bragging rights. But a state doesn’t claim the lowest crime rates in the country without involved citizens who look out for one another. Help Vermont keep its safety standing by using our Vermont Safety Directory to identify ways you can contribute to safety and security in your Vermont hometown.

How We Chose the Safest Cities in Vermont

To identify the safest cities in Vermont, we reviewed the most recent FBI Crime Report statistics from 2015, along with population data. We eliminated all cities with fewer than 2,500 residents as well as any cities that failed to submit a complete crime report to the FBI.

From there, we evaluated the remaining cities. We narrowed it down based on the number of reported violent crimes (aggravated assault, murder, rape, and robbery) and property crimes (burglary, arson, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft) in each city. To further level the playing field, we calculated the likelihood of these crimes occurring out of 1,000 people in each city.

Learn more about how we rank our Safest Cities reports.

1. Castleton

Previous rank: Not ranked

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.00
Property Crime per 1,000: 0.00

2. Rutland Town

Previous rank: Not ranked

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.00
Property Crime per 1,000: 0.50

3. Thetford

Previous rank: Not ranked

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.00
Property Crime per 1,000: 1.16

4. Waterbury 

Previous rank: 1

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.00
Property Crime per 1,000: 1.37

5. Pittsford

Previous rank: Not ranked

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.00
Property Crime per 1,000: 2.09

6. Norwich

Previous rank: Not ranked

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.00
Property Crime per 1,000: 2.96

7. Randolph ↑

Previous rank: 9

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.84
Property Crime per 1,000: 2.95

8. Woodstock

Previous rank: Not ranked

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.33
Property Crime per 1,000: 4.35

9. Weathersfield 

Previous rank: 19

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.00
Property Crime per 1,000: 6.82

10. Northfield 

Previous rank: 6

Violent Crime per 1,000: 0.66
Property Crime per 1,000: 6.24

Didn’t see your city rank in the top 10?

Check the remaining cities below, and take a look at the most recent FBI crime data here.

11. Chester 12. Richmond 13. Hartford
14. Bristol 15. Bellows Falls 16. Shelburne
17. Vergennes 18. Hinesburg 19. Swanton
20. Milton 21. Williston 22. Barre Town
23. Morristown 24. St. Johnsbury 25. Essex
26. Newport 27. Barre 28. Colchester
29. Stowe 30. Middlebury 31. Brandon
32. Manchester 33. Bennington 34. Winooski
35. Springfield 36. Brattleboro 37. South Burlington
38. Montpelier 39. Rutland 40. Hardwick
41. Berlin 42. Burlington 43. St. Albans

How safe is your home?

Wherever you live, feeling safe in your home can bring greater peace of mind and happiness. Whether your city made our list or not, we recommend adding extra security to your home with monitored security services provided by the nation’s leading home security providers.

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Written by Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca has honed her safety and security skills as both a single mom and a college director. Being responsible for the well-being of others helped her learn how to minimize risk and create safe environments. Learn more

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