Home to twenty of the 2018 US Olympic athletes (and the majority of the Curling Team), Minnesota has a lot to be proud of.1 The Land of 10,000 Lakes is not only a wonderland for winter sports but also one of the safest states in the nation.

The latest FBI crime report data shows that Minnesota has seen a significant 24% drop in murder rates and a near 4% decline in property crime since 2015. And the state’s overall crime rate is the lowest it’s been in 50 years.2

Minnesota’s safest cities, at a minimum, experienced 82% less violent crime than the national average and up to 86% less property crime. Of the twenty cities that made our list, the top two experienced no violent crime whatsoever. Rates like these are due in part to efforts like Elko New Market’s community-values-based policing, which creates a police force so beloved, they even get invited to block parties.

All of the cities we ranked had a violent crime rate of less then one occurrence per 1,000 people and half of the cities had a property crime rate of less than ten per 1,000. Even Edina, the biggest city on our list with over 50,000 residents, saw only eighteen property crimes per 1,000 people.

Crime can happen anywhere, unfortunately, even in a safe city. Stay prepared and check out our Minnesota Safety Directory for resources on how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.


The 20 Safest Cities in Minnesota

1. Elko New Market
Population: 4,831
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.00
Property crimes per 1,000: 2.70
Total crime: 0% violent, 100% property


2. Dayton
Population: 5,185
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.00
Property crimes per 1,000: 8.29
Total crime: 0% violent, 100% property

3. Orono
Population: 19,799″
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.15
Property crimes per 1,000: 8.38
Total crime: 1.81% violent, 98.19% property

4. Corcoran
Population: 5,586
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.18
Property crimes per 1,000: 5.01
Total crime: 3.57% violent, 96.43% property

5. Glencoe
Population: 5,495
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.18
Property crimes per 1,000: 12.37
Total crime: 1.47% violent, 98.53% property

6. Isanti
Population: 5,493
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.18
Property crimes per 1,000: 18.93
Total crime: 0.96% violent, 99.04% property

7. Minnetrista
Population: 9,675
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.21
Property crimes per 1,000: 8.68
Total crime: 2.38% violent, 97.62% property

8. Falcon Heights
Population: 5,619
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.36
Property crimes per 1,000: 15.66
Total crime: 2.27% violent, 97.73% property

9. Montevideo
Population: 5,184
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.39
Property crimes per 1,000: 20.45
Total crime: 1.89% violent, 98.11% property

10. La Crescent
Population: 4,820
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.41
Property crimes per 1,000: 6.22
Total crime: 6.67% violent, 93.33% property

11. Becker
Population: 4,730
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.42
Property crimes per 1,000: 8.88
Total crime: 4.76% violent, 95.24% property

12. Farmington
Population: 23,060
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.43
Property crimes per 1,000: 9.58
Total crime: 4.52% violent, 95.48% property

13. Little Falls
Population: 8,611
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.46
Property crimes per 1,000: 16.96
Total crime: 2.74% violent, 97.26% property

14. Cottage Grove
Population: 36,164
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.47
Property crimes per 1,000: 15.71
Total crime: 2.99% violent, 97.01% property

15. Lino Lakes
Population: 21,212
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.47
Property crimes per 1,000: 9.85
Total crime: 4.78% violent, 95.22% property

16. Sartell
Population: 16,943
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.47
Property crimes per 1,000: 18.47
Total crime: 2.56% violent, 97.44% property

17. Medina
Population: 6,216
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.48
Property crimes per 1,000: 15.93
Total crime: 3.03% violent, 96.97% property

18. Edina
Population: 50,577
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.51
Property crimes per 1,000: 18.49
Total crime: 2.78% violent, 97.22% property

19. North Mankato
Population: 13,553
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.52
Property crimes per 1,000: 10.99
Total crime: 4.70% violent, 95.30% property

20. St. Francis
Population: 7,442
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.54
Property crimes per 1,000: 8.87
Total crime: 6.06% violent, 93.94% property

How We Chose the Safest Cities in Minnesota

To identify the twenty safest cities in Minnesota, we reviewed the 2016 FBI crime report statistics and population data. Cities that fell below identified population thresholds or that failed to submit a complete crime report to the FBI were excluded from the ranking system.

Our evaluation is based on the number of reported violent crimes (aggravated assault, murder, rape, and robbery) in each city. If there was a tie, we also factored in the number of property crimes (burglary, arson, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft). To level the playing field, we calculated the rate of crimes per 1,000 people in each city. This makes it easier to directly compare the likelihood of these crimes occurring in cities with vastly different populations.

Learn more about how we rank our Safest Cities reports.

How Safe Is Your Home?

Wherever you live, feeling safe in your home can bring greater peace of mind and happiness. Whether your city made our list or not, we recommend adding extra security to your home with monitored security services provided by the nation’s leading home security providers.

To learn more about the home security options available to you, check out SafeWise’s picks for Best Home Security Systems of 2018 or select the city nearest you in the drop down menu below.

If you would like to contact a SafeWise Safest Cities Analyst, please email info@safewise.com.

1. Team USA, “2018 US Olympic Team
2. StarTribune, “Crime Rate in Minnesota Hits a 50-year Low, New BCA Data Show

Written by Patrick Hearn

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